Try Before You Buy

“Virtually Try A New Super Battery Before You Buy”

How Does It Work?

Watch The Video Below...


On Mobile Devices:  

Step 1: Look For The GREY “VIEW IN YOUR SPACE” BUTTON – Located Under The Product Picture 



Step 2: Your Camera Will Automatically Open On Your Screen and Begin To Load 



Step 3: Follow The Instructions On The Screen - You Might Be Prompted To Move Your Phone Around - 

*Please Note: You Might Need To Be In A Well Lit Environment In Order To Have The Battery Appear.  


Step 4: After a Few Moments The Battery Will Appear On Screen. 


The Battery Usually Appears Very Large On The Screen When It First Loads So You Will Need To Use Your Fingers To Make It Smaller On The Screen 

*You Can Try Pinching Your Index Fingers Together or Moving Your Thumbs Together To Control The Size of The Battery On Your Screen



Step 5: If You Tap Your Screen - At The Top You Should See 2 Tabs One That Says AR and One That Says Object. 

If you select Object Mode it will bring up a white screen where you are able to rotate the battery 360 degrees.  



On Desktop: 

Unfortunately On Desktop You Are Not Able To Use A/R mode. However, 3D mode is available. 



Step 1: Locate The Cube Icon - Usually Located In Center Of The Picture 


Step 2: Once You Click The Icon The Battery Should Appear Larger On The Screen and A Hand Icon Should Appear On Screen. 


Step 3: Once The Hand Icon Appears - Simply Move Your Mouse Around Which Will Allow You To See The Battery In 360 Degrees 



We have been working on new technology to help you see and compare how a new BRS Super Battery would look inside your machine. 

When you launch A/R (Augmented Reality) / 3D mode with your smart phone it will show you a Super Battery in your environment. 


Most people who use this new technology compare their current battery inside their machine to a New BRS Super Battery. 

This will give you the ultimate peace of mind that you are ordering the correct battery for your machine. 

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