The big debate about AGM Batteries is…

The big debate most people have about AGM Batteries is…  

Why would I spend more money on an AGM Battery? 

How are AGM batteries different from flooded lead acid batteries?

Can I run AGM batteries below 50% capacity?

Keep reading because below, I will answer these questions and more. 

I mean the big dilemma we ask ourselves as voters is why would we spend more money on an agm battery than a flood battery?

Well, first off an AGM battery is maintenance free which is the biggest difference between an AGM battery and a flooded lead acid battery. 

Usually when you decide to buy a flooded battery it’s because of the lower price.  

Because the price is most likely the main reason you are buying a flooded battery.

You make a promise to yourself that you are going top off the fluids and properly maintain your battery over time. 

It doesn't matter how many times you took care of your flooded batteries, it doesn't matter that you did it the last 10 times in a row. The moment you forget to properly maintain your flooded battery, you leave the plates exposed and you damage the battery. 

In the end most of us fail to maintain our batteries at some point and we end up damaging our flooded battery. 

That’s one thing you don’t have to worry about with AGM batteries because they are maintenance free. Once they are sealed, you never have to open the caps and add any additional fluids or liquids. 

You can install AGM batteries in any position except upside because they are spill and leak proof. 

AGM batteries also don't vent as much. For example, if you own a boat and you have flooded batteries installed in your living quarters inside the cabin. You might want to consider AGM batteries as a way to reduce all the toxic gassing that happens when batteries get recharged. 

Another major benefit of AGM Batteries is that they have a deeper Depth of Discharge or DoD. 

Without getting too technical, here’s how Depth of Discharge works… 

Let’s say 100 equals full battery capacity and when someone says 50 DoD they mean taking the battery from 100% of capacity down to 50%.   

Flooded batteries can only hold 50% Depth of Discharge and 50% Capacity. This means if you don't charge your battery at or before 50% you can ruin the plates.


On the other hand, you can take AGM batteries to a much lower depth of discharge. 

Some people bring their AGM batteries all the way to 20% or 30% of capacity, so that would be 70 or 80 of DoD or 20% or 30% of capacity. 

So AGM batteries provide a deeper depth of discharge without affecting the overall battery capacity.  

Standard flooded lead acid batteries would be damaged very quickly if they are taken below 50 DoD regularly. 

Essentially with AGM batteries you have more battery capacity which means you can run your toys and equipment longer and stronger on a single charge. 

To prolong and extend the life of your AGM battery, we recommend you charge and maintain your battery after every use. It’s usually best to keep your battery charged with a maintainer to keep your battery in optimal condition, extend its lifespan, and peak performance. 

Based on our research, in the long run you end up saving up to $400 on replacement batteries when you choose an AGM battery over a sealed lead acid flooded battery. 

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