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  • PUMPMATIC 12 FT HOSE + 5 Gallon Gas Can Combo Kit - 3.8 GPM - GAS, DIESEL, KEROSENE - BRS Super Battery
  • PUMPMATIC 12 FT HOSE + 5 Gallon Gas Can Combo Kit - 3.8 GPM - GAS, DIESEL, KEROSENE - BRS Super Battery
  • PUMPMATIC 12 FT HOSE + 5 Gallon Gas Can Combo Kit - 3.8 GPM - GAS, DIESEL, KEROSENE - BRS Super Battery
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PUMPMATIC 12 FT HOSE + 5 Gallon Gas Can Combo Kit - 3.8 GPM - GAS, DIESEL, KEROSENE

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What Makes A Super Battery Special?

Want To Know What Makes Our Batteries Different? 

We invented a specialized expert 5 step process to prepare each and every battery before it’s shipped to you. 

Here’s what we do to ensure the quality, performance, and lifespan of each AGM battery:

Step 1: Fill battery to the correct levels with 1.265 SG Electrolyte

Step 2: Let sit for 1 hr. so the Glass Mat plates are able to absorb the electrolytes properly.

Step 3: Charge battery at 900 Mah Amps until the virgin plates are fully formed.

Step 4: Let sit for 12 hrs. and record voltage . Has to maintain 12.6-12.8V to pass.

Step 5: If it passes the voltage test, it’s ready to ship out to you.


This process takes more time and effort but that’s what makes our batteries different. Most retailers don't have a clue about this because they aren't a real "Battery Shop."

The key is to form the plates properly from Day 1 on the first initial charge.

It’s the reason our battery quality is superior!

We have been performing specialized battery rejuvenation for over a decade...we know batteries!


95% of the suppliers or vendors out there that sell AGM batteries are not battery experts and that is why their batteries don't last! 


The reason their batteries don’t last is because they are not filled properly and they are "fast" charged which basically damages the battery right from the start.


BRS Battery Ltd is a real battery shop. 



Please Contact Us If You Need Help Selecting The Right Battery!

Battery Warranty Details

You Are 100% Protected & Covered By Our Worry-Free Full Replacement Peace of Mind 2 or 10 Year Warranty Options.

Our Worry Free, No Hassle Warranty Options Protect You In The Event You Need Your Battery Replaced For Performance Issues. 

To Validate Your Warranty, Simply Complete Our Warranty Return Form Here

We Pay All Costs Associated With Shipping Out Your New Battery.  

You Pay No Additional Costs if your battery is defective or requires warranty replacement! 

*Please note: If you order the wrong battery, you will be responsible for return shipping back to us.

If you need assistance selecting the correct battery please contact us.  

Speak With A Battery Specialist

To Speak With A BRS Super Battery Specialist Give Us A Call Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM EST 705-855-0473 or Click or Tap Here To Book An Appointment

Premium Battery-Powered Fuel Transfer Pump with 12ft Discharge Hose – Model SLGP12R + 5 Gallon Gas Can Combo Kit 




Elevate your fuel transfer experience with our top-of-the-line Battery-Powered Fuel Transfer Pump, Model SLGP12R. Crafted for superior performance and convenience, this portable powerhouse is your ultimate solution for quick and effortless fuel transfer, compatible with gas, diesel, kerosene, and non-potable water.

Key Features:

  • Broad Compatibility: Effortlessly transfer gas, diesel, kerosene, and non-potable water with our versatile pump, making it perfect for a wide array of applications.
  • Advanced Auto Stop Sensor: Prevents fuel waste and spills.
  • Extended Reach: Includes a durable 35-inch intake hose and a 12-foot (3m) discharge hose, providing exceptional reach and flexibility for filling up various vehicles or storage tanks.
  • High-Efficiency Operation: Achieve a delivery volume of 3.8 gallons per minute, optimizing your fuel transfer process for speed and efficiency.
  • Optimal Operating Conditions: Designed to operate seamlessly within a temperature range of 41℉ to 113℉ (5℃ to 45℃), ensuring reliable performance in various environments.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Engineered for convenience, its compact design and included carrying handle make it easy to transport and use anywhere.

Included Accessories:

  1. DC Cable with battery clips (1 set)
  2. AC/DC Adapter (1 set)
  3. Car Cigarette lighter adapter
  4. Two Gas Can Adapters for added versatility.

Why Our Fuel Transfer Pump Stands Out: Our Model SLGP12R is not just a tool but a game-changer in fuel transfer technology. With its powerful battery, extended hose length, and fast transfer rate, it's built to save you time and effort. Whether for personal, commercial, or agricultural use, this pump caters to all your needs with safety and efficiency at its core.

Get Your Hands on the Model SLGP12R Today and transform the way you transfer fuel. With our premium battery-powered pump, you're equipped to handle any fueling challenge with ease and confidence.


Intake Hose: 35 Inch

Discharge Hose: 12 foot (3m)

Delivery Volume :3.8 Gallons Per Minute

Operating Temperature: 41-113℉ (5C-45 C)

Model Number: SLGP12R

Included Accessories:

1. DC Cable with battery clips 1 SET

2. AC/DC Adapter 1 SET

3. Car Cigarette lighter

4. 2 x Gas Can Adaptors 

5. 5 Gallon / 18.925 Liter Gas Can Included

Compatible with: Gas, Diesel, e85, Kerosene, and Non-Potable Water. 

*Batteries Not Included*




 Includes Andy's Survival Keychain Kit:


Mini LED Flashlight COB Keychain Flashlight 1000Lumens Bright Rechargeable Portable Pocket Flashlight 4 Light Modes Light

  • 💡High Brightness- This keychain flashlight can emit 1000lumens lights at maximum. It provide a bright light with wide angle. The large COB Technical LED allows this light to be used as a small work light and emergency light.
  • 💡Portable Design- The strong magnet base and rotatable handle allows you release your hands during the work. The magnet design allows the lamp to attach to any metal, and 180°foldable handle allows the lamp to be positioned at different angles or hung in certain places.
  • 💡4 Light Modes- The Mini LED flashlight has 4 lighting modes - COB 60% high mode, COB 30% low mode, COB strobe mode and long press the power button 2-3 seconds to the brightest. On brightest mode, the flashlight can run for about 1 hour. About 2 hours on 60% mode and about 3.5 hours on 30% mode.
  • 💡USB Rechargeable- This USB rechargeable Keychain flashlight is powered by a large capacity built-in rechargeable battery, micro USB to USB charging cable included.
  • 💡Widely Used- The portable flashlight has a carabiner that can be easily attached to key ring or bags, and it is water and impact resistant. Alternatively, it's also a good bottle opener. You can use it in a variety of scenarios, such as camping, walking the dog, looking for things, repairing.

New Permanent Match Striker Lighters w Key Chain Silver

Silver permanent match striker lighters with key chain.

This Permanent Match consists of a rectangular shell, with a metal rod that screws into the shell.

With the key ring attachment you'll never be caught out again when you need a light alternatively.

One end of the metal rod has a wick.

To use, the metal rod is removed and scratched against a long flint rod installed on one side of the case. The metal rod's wick catches fire, and resembles a match.

Ideal for campers, beaches, trips and more.

Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are empty, so please install fuel before the actual lighting.

Material: stainless steel.

Dimension: 55 x 15 mm.

Color: silver.

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