The BRS SuperBattery Uses "Formerly Top Secret Military Technology"

The year was 1980 and the military had it’s scientists bunkered down in a top secret underground laboratory experimenting with a new battery technology that will make their planes, tanks, jeeps, off road vehicles, and UPS systems run longer and stronger on a single charge. 
They wanted to create a battery that reduces weight and improves reliability. 
They encountered failure after failure until finally five years later after countless experiments, they stumbled upon the holy grail of battery technology at the time.  
They called it AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat Technology. 
BRS Super Battery - Scientist Image
What they figured out was if you soak fiberglass mat plates into electrolytes and then stack the plates on top of each other they will create a strong powerful current when activated. 
These glass mat plates were lightweight and could be formed into different shapes allowing them to experiment with different designs. This was revolutionary at the time and they were able to accomplish their goal of creating a lightweight and reliable battery. 
The new batteries were extensively tested in various applications and once proven they were sent to military bases around the world. 
Fast Forward to 2021, BRS Battery Ltd a local battery shop in Ontario, Canada has access to this revolutionary technology and created the BRS SUPERBATTERY. 
Introducing the BRS SUPER BATTERY
The BRS Super Battery is a OEM Replacement High Performance AGM Battery for powersports vehicles. It's compatible with all the major manufacturers and brands available on the market.