Depth of Discharge Explained

Another major benefit of AGM Batteries is that they have a deeper Depth of Discharge or DoD. 
Without getting too technical, here’s how Depth of Discharge works… 
Let’s say 100 equals full battery capacity and when someone says 50 DoD they mean taking the battery from 100% of capacity down to 50%.   
Flooded batteries can only hold 50% Depth of Discharge and 50% Capacity. This means if you don't charge your battery at or before 50% you can ruin the plates.
On the other hand, you can take AGM batteries to a much lower depth of discharge. 
Some people bring their AGM batteries all the way to 20% or 30% of capacity, so that would be 70 or 80 of DoD or 20% or 30% of capacity. 
So AGM batteries provide a deeper depth of discharge without affecting the overall battery capacity.  
Standard flooded lead acid batteries would be damaged very quickly if they are taken below 50 DoD regularly. 
Essentially with AGM batteries you have more battery capacity which means you can run your toys and equipment longer and stronger on a single charge.